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Find out if your case is eligible and whether you need the help of our experienced Oregon expungement lawyer.


We help our clients with Oregon expungement cases including those involving drug possession, theft, burglary, domestic violence, and other crimes.



Why Pursue an Expungement?

Don’t let your past hold you back. Clear your record with an expungement and get a fresh start. Arrests and convictions can affect...


Background Checks

You might be surprised how often background checks are run-- and what they might reveal. For example, volunteering at your child’s school may be difficult without an expungement.


Employment Opportunities

Oregon employment laws are among the most progressive in the country. However, don’t let past transgressions affect your future employment opportunities.


Rental & Mortgage Applications

In Oregon’s incredibly competitive rental and real estate markets, why take any chances? Don’t let your past stand in the way of your dream home!


Firearm Rights

Felony convictions can prevent you from owning a firearm for personal protection, hunting, or recreation.


We Help Clients Expunge Oregon Arrests & Convictions Involving...


What Can’t Be Expunged?

Some convictions aren’t eligible for expungement in Oregon, including:

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DUII & Traffic Violations & Speeding Tickets

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Class A Felonies
(except those related to marijuana)

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Most Sex Crimes

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Traffic Violations & Speeding Tickets

Meet Gabriel Biello, Oregon Expungement Lawyer

“I’m a Portland native who attended Grant High School and the University of Oregon. I’m both a criminal defense attorney and an Oregon expungement specialist. As a defense attorney, I’ve seen how arrests and convictions affect my clients’ lives even after the case is resolved.

I take great pride in helping my clients erase convictions, clear their records, and get a fresh start.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does “expungement” mean?
It’s simple. When your arrest or conviction is expunged it is like it never happened. All court documents are destroyed and the case will not show up in background checks. You can also legally deny you were arrested/convicted when questioned about your criminal record on employment applications and similar documents.

How much does a misdemeanor or felony expungement cost?
The total fee for expunging a conviction is is $1,095. We are open and transparent about our cost structure and how it breaks down:

  • $265 Court Filing Fee

  • $80 Oregon State Police Background Check Fee

  • $750 total flat fee to the Law Office of Gabriel Biello

Expunging an arrest is a $750 flat fee as there is no court filing fee or background check required.

Our office accepts payments by credit card. In cases of financial hardship, payment plans are available.

Why can’t you expunge a DUII?
In Oregon, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) is a crime that can’t be expunged. It is what’s known as a “counting crime” one where each successive conviction carries a stiffer penalty. For this reason, past DUII convictions must remain on your record.

Even if it was your first offense and you completed a diversion program, your DUII can’t be expunged.

What other crimes can’t be expunged?
Almost all sex crimes, child abuse, and class A felonies can’t be expunged (except those related to marijuana). In addition, traffic crimes and violations (even just a speeding ticket) aren’t eligible for an expungement in Oregon.

My case was dismissed through STOP Court. Do I still need an expungement?
Even though your case was dismissed, the record of it still exists. We can help expunge your record and have the record of your case destroyed.

How do I know if I’m eligible for expungement?
In most cases, to be eligible for expungement, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Wait 3 years from the date of the conviction

  • Immediately upon dismissal of a charge

  • Complete all required sentencing, probation, community service, fines, etc.

  • Have no pending criminal cases in any court

  • Have no other convictions within the past 10 years (this includes other states and other counts as part of case you want to expunge)

  • No other arrests for the past 3 years (this includes other states and citations for violations)

Be aware: If you were arrested but not formally charged, you can file for an expungement after 1 year from your arrest.

You can check your eligibility for free by clicking here

Can you help with expungement cases throughout Oregon?
Yes! While many of our clients live in Multnomah County (Portland), Jackson County, Lane County, we can file for expungements in all Oregon counties.

Am I guaranteed success?
For most cases, yes. There are no guarantees, but our Oregon expungement lawyer will only take on cases where we are confident in a successful outcome. If you meet the requirements for expungement in Oregon, the odds are in your favor.

How long does an expungement take in Oregon?
On average, from start to finish, it’ll take about 3-4 months for your expungement to be finalized. Much of this time is spent waiting as your paperwork makes its way through the legal system.

Do I need the help of an Oregon expungement lawyer?
Technically no, it is possible to successfully petition the court without the help of an expungement lawyer. However, the process takes time, requires a thorough understanding of the process and requirements. Most importantly, the time and money you invest into your own expungement case will all be wasted if you make a simple clerical error.

We have successfully resolved hundreds of Oregon expungement cases and believe the investment in an experienced expungement attorney is worth the cost.


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