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Not Sure You Can Afford an Expungement? We Make It Easy

At Clear My Record, our goal is to help you get back to your life and stop worrying about how your past is affecting your future. We take pride in offering transparent pricing, easy payment options, and a financing plan for our expungement services. 

Plus, we’ll help you check your eligibility for free!

How Much Does an Expungement Cost in Oregon?

Arrest Expungement Services

You’ll pay a flat fee of $750 to our Oregon law firm

Conviction Expungement Services

$1,095, broken down into:

  • $265 Court Filing
  • $80 Oregon State Police Background Check
  • $750 to our firm


Types of Payment Accepted

Our office is happy to accept most forms of payment, including:






Credit Card

Expungement Payment Plan Options

If you’re unable to pay the full expungement fee upfront, a payment plan option is available for your convenience. 

Our special expungement payment plan requires half of your total fee before we can begin working on your expungement case. After we receive this initial payment, we’ll bill you $100 every month thereafter until you’ve paid the full flat fee amount.

Arrest Expungement Payment Plan

Initial Upfront Fee of $375
3 monthly payments of $100
1 monthly payment of $75
Total cost: $750

Conviction Expungement Payment Plan

Initial Upfront Fee of $547.50
5 monthly payments of $100
1 monthly payment of $47.50
Total cost: $1,095


Remember, even if you petition for an expungement on your own, you’ll still pay filing and background check fees to the court and state. One simple clerical error will put you back at square one and you’ll have wasted all your time and money. Restarting the process from the beginning will mean paying those fees all over again.

At Clear My Record, our experienced attorney has successfully resolved hundreds of Oregon expungement cases. Our transparent flat fee structure and special payment plan option ensure your expungement process is simple, efficient, successful, and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee success?
Depending on your case, we may offer a guarantee of success in our retainer agreement. Generally though, there are no guarantees, but our Oregon expungement lawyer only takes on cases where we are confident in a successful outcome. If you’re eligible and meet the requirements for an Oregon expungement, the odds are in your favor.

How long will it take to get an expungement?
From beginning to end, it will take about 3 to 4 months for your expungement to be completely finalized. The majority of this time will be spent waiting on your paperwork as it makes its way through the legal system.

Can you file for an expungement in my county?
If you live in Oregon, we can help you! Many of our clients live in Multnomah County (Portland), Jackson County, and Lane County. However, we help clients file for expungement in all Oregon counties!

Do I need an Oregon lawyer to get an expungement? 
Technically, no. You can petition the court for an expungement without the help of a lawyer. However, the legal process is complicated, takes time, and requires a strong understanding of the requirements. Remember, making one small mistake along the way, will force you to restart the process from the beginning.

Our team is here to help make this process simple for you. We’ve successfully resolved hundreds of expungement cases and strongly believe investing in an experienced expungement attorney is worth it.