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Do you need the help of an expungement lawyer in Lane County, including Eugene, Springfield, and Coburg? We help our clients clear their records throughout Lane County. Our experienced expungement attorney can have felony and misdemeanor charges erased from your permanent record. 

You don’t have to allow past transgressions to keep you from achieving your professional, financial, and personal goals. Your mistakes don’t define who you are today. If you have an arrest or conviction on your record for drug possession, theft, domestic violence, or other expungement-eligible offenses, we can help.

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Why Should I Pursue an Expungement?

In Lane County (and throughout Oregon) an arrest or conviction stays on your record forever. It can influence your future by affecting...

Mortgage & Apartment Applications
The real estate market in Lane County is one of the hottest in all of Oregon. Past convictions can affect your chances of renting or buying the home you want.

Background Checks & Employment Opportunities
Get your dream job! When you get an expungement in Lane County, you’ll be able to check “no” when asked about past offenses.

World Travel
Did you know that some convictions can keep you from traveling to certain countries outside the US? An expungement will help you see the world without diplomatic red tape.

Child Custody Agreements
As a parent, there’s nothing more important than your children. Past charges can affect your custodial rights and limit participation in activities like volunteering at your child’s school.

We Help Clients Expunge Lane County Arrests & Convictions Involving…


Drug Possession & Related Crimes


Burglary & Theft


Other Misdemeanors & Class B/C Felonies


What Can't Be Expunged in Lane County?

In the state of Oregon, some convictions can’t be expunged, including:


DUII & Traffic Violations & Traffic Crimes


Class A Felonies (except those related to marijuana)


Most Sex Crimes


Child & Elder Abuse


Meet Gabriel Biello, Oregon Expungement Lawyer

I’m an Oregon native and graduate of Grant High School and the University of Oregon in Eugene. I take great pride in helping my clients throughout Lane County erase past convictions and arrests.

I’m a criminal defense attorney based in Portland and one of my specialties is Lane County expungements. Whether you live in Eugene, Coburg, Springfield or anywhere in Lane County, I’m here to help guide you through the expungement process and clear your record for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lane County Expungements


What is an expungement?

In effect, an expungement removes the record of a conviction or arrest.Legally, it’s as if  your past discretion or offense never even happened. The court documents are destroyed, and your case will never show up on a background check. Additionally, when asked about your past criminal history or record, you can legally deny you’ve ever been convicted or arrested.

How much does it cost to expunge a misdemeanor or felony in Oregon?

Our Lane County expungement lawyer is proud to offer an open and transparent pricing structure. Prices vary based on current court costs. We charge a flat fee and accept payments by credit card, cash, or check. If you’re unable to pay the full amount right away, we also offer payment plans. We want to help you take back control of your future! 

Can I expunge a DUII in Lane County?

No. In Oregon, driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) is not expungeable. A DUII is considered to be a “counting crime.” Each successive conviction carrying a stronger penalty. Because of this, past DUII convictions must remain on your record.

In Oregon, DUII charges can never be expunged, even if it’s your first offense.

Am I eligible for an expungement?

The best way to know for sure if you’re eligible for an expungement in Lane County is to use our free expungement eligibility tool.

In most cases, you will need to meet all of the following requirements:

  • Wait at least 3 years from the date of your conviction
  • Complete all required sentencing, probation, community service, and fines
  • Have no current pending criminal cases in any court or other convictions within the past 10 years
  • Must not have any other arrests on your record from the past 3 years (including citations for violations)

Remember: If you were arrested but not formally charged, you can file for an expungement after 1 year from your arrest.

Can you guarantee success?

We can’t make any guarantees. However, our expungement lawyer only takes on cases where we’re confident in a positive outcome. If you meet the eligibility requirements, the odds are in your favor.

How long does an expungement take in Oregon?

You’ll wait about 3-4 months for your expungement to be finalized. This is largely due to the paperwork process, which has to make its way through the legal system and takes some time.

Do I need the help of an expungement lawyer in Lane County?

You should know that it is possible to successfully petition the court without the help of an expungement lawyer. However, the process requires a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the legal requirements. You’ll have to start over and all your time and money will be completely wasted if you make even just one tiny clerical error.

We’ve successfully resolved hundreds of expungement cases and believe investing in an experienced expungement attorney is worth the cost.