Multnomah County Oregon Expungement

First Step Toward Expungement in Multnomah County

Before you file for expungement under ORS 137.225, you must make sure you have paid off any fines associated with the conviction being expunged are paid in full. In many counties, that includes making sure you don’t owe any money at all to the State of Oregon, even including unpaid traffic and parking tickets. If the fines you owe in Multnomah County are too high, one good option is Project Second ChanceProject Second Chance is a great organization that exists to help people get a second chance and overcome what, many times, may seem an insurmountable task. By agreement with the Multnomah County District Attorney and the Courts, individuals are able to work off fines through Community Service, some times at a rate as high as $100 per hour.