Questions to Ask Your Expungement Attorney


Are you interested in clearing your record and getting a fresh start? Your success in the expungement process depends on choosing the right lawyer.

Make sure you work with the best expungement attorney in Oregon by asking these important questions. Use our handy checklist below to ensure you get all the information you need to make a smart decision.

Getting Answers to Your Questions

In today’s digital age, an attorney should have an easy-to-navigate and professional website where you can always find answers to all of your questions. (If not, tread cautiously!) However, if you still have doubts, don’t be afraid to call or email the lawyer for more information.

Am I eligible for an expungement?


First things first, make sure you’re legally eligible for an expungement in Oregon. After all, you don’t want to waste your time seeking an expungement (or worse, going through the process of an expungement) only to find out you don’t actually qualify.

By asking you a few simple questions, an attorney will be able to tell you fairly quickly whether or not you qualify. But you don’t have to go into it blind. There are some basic eligibility requirements you should understand up front:

  • It must be 3 years from the date of your conviction (or immediately upon dismissal of a charge)
  • You have to complete all required sentencing, probation, community service, fines, etc.
  • You cannot have any pending criminal cases in any court
  • You cannot have any other convictions within the past 10 years (including other states and other counts as part of case you want to expunge)
  • There cannot be any other arrests on your record for the past 3 years (including other states and citations for violations)

Find out for sure if you’re eligible by using our free eligibility questionnaire.


What kind of expungement cases can you help with?

Depending on your case, it will be helpful to work with an expungement attorney who has a strong understanding of your type of conviction. By choosing an attorney who specializes in your type of case, you’ll have a better overall experience.

For example, there are certain types of drug crimes that are not eligible for expungement. An attorney will be able to immediately tell you whether or not you’re eligible and not waste your time. 


Where are you located?


Always work with an attorney located in Oregon. The specific city doesn’t matter as much as long as the attorney is based in the same state.

It’s not uncommon for large national firms located outside of Oregon to target Oregon expungement clients. However, there are several reasons why you should avoid these types of companies. 

First, a local law firm will be more likely to provide better service because their name and reputation is on the line! Smaller firms are also more likely to provide more personalized attention to your case. 

Most importantly, a local lawyer will have a greater understanding of the laws in Oregon as well may even have contacts within the local legal system, which can be beneficial.


How much will it cost to expunge my record?


Don’t get caught in a tough financial situation. Always ask about the cost of an expungement. A trustworthy law firm will be open and transparent about their pricing.

To avoid getting in over your head, it’s helpful understand the cost of getting an expungement. For example, as of August 2018, the cost to get an expungement for a conviction in Oregon includes:

  • $265 court filing fee
  • $80 Oregon State police background check
  • Attorney fee (price varies) 

When a law firm gives you a total cost, ask them to break it down by these 3 categories so you can better understand their pricing structure. Many law firms also offer payment plan options, so if you need financial assistance, make sure they can help you out.


What can I expect from the process?

Always choose a lawyer who can specifically outline what you should expect. Understanding the process will help manage your expectations and ensure you’re working with a law firm that is honest and upfront. 

Although the specific process may vary slightly from lawyer to lawyer, the timeline for an expungement is fairly standard. Make sure it doesn’t vary too much from this process below:

  • You’ll start by getting a fingerprint card and completing and notarizing an affidavit
  • Next, you’ll need to provide both those documents to your attorney
  • The attorney will review and help fill out the paperwork for you
  • Expect to wait 3 to 4 months for the OSP background check, District Attorney review, and expungement motion to be granted and signed

You have questions? We have answers


You deserve nothing less than an experienced, responsible, and affordable expungement attorney. So if you’re looking for an expungement in Oregon, I’m here to help.

If you have questions about getting an expungement in Oregon, I have lots of great resources for you to review:

If you still have questions, please reach out. I’d be happy to hear from you and learn how we can help with your expungement case.