How Can I Make Sure That My Expunged Conviction Won’t Show Up In A Background Check?

You’ve done everything you are supposed to.  You stayed out of trouble, filed for expungement and had your motion to set aside granted.  But how do you make sure that your expunged conviction still won’t continue to haunt you?

The internet has brought many good things but one of its downsides are the thousands of unregulated, private background checking companies who maintain their own databases, sometimes containing convictions that have been set aside.  Sometimes, these convictions that were supposed to be sealed and removed from a person’s background can still show up in background checks despite the court order expunging it.  For too long, there was little that could be done.

Thanks to the work of the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law there is now a way to make sure that your expunged record is removed from most background check databases.  Due to lawsuits filed by attorneys like Sharon Dietrich with Community Legal Services, background check companies are beginning to take seriously their responsibility to make sure their databases and the reports they provide are accurate.  That includes removing expunged or set aside records from their databases. 

Due in part to lawsuits such as Giddiens vs. LexisNexis by Community Legal Services, background checking organizations have begun cooperating with a free service through the Foundation for Continuing Justice.  If you have an expunged conviction, click on the below link and fill out their form to ensure that your set aside conviction doesn’t continue to hold you back despite your best efforts.


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