How to prevent one indiscretion from ruining your life

The Portland Police regularly conduct stings to catch persons responding to escort ads of Craigslist and  But you can make it so this arrest is just a temporary speed bump on the road of your life.

If you are caught in this dragnet, there is a way that you can make it as if the arrest and resulting records are sealed in less than a year.  Of course, you have right to go to trial and to try to beat the allegations.  But if that is not a viable option, the Multnomah County Sex Buyer’s Diversion is a very good option.  The Diversion lasts 6 months, and if you complete the requirements, the case is dismissed.  Unless you have other cases that would interfere, then you are immediately eligible for expungement (which takes an additional 3- 4 months). 

Are you eligible for the Multnomah County Sex Buyer’s Diversion?  Yes, unless you have a prior arrest for a similar commercial sex buying crime.

What does completing the program entail?  Within 6 months you have to 1. Attend the Sex Buyer’s Accountability and Diversion Class, 2. Pay the $1000 fee for the class, and 3.  Remain arrest and conviction free for the 6 month period.

When can I expunge the records of my arrest?   As soon as you complete the program and the case is dismissed.

What if I live in another state?  With a signed waiver of appearance, an attorney can appear on your behalf at your arraignment, plea and the dismissal hearing.  The only thing you will have to return to Oregon for is to attend the Sex Buyer’s Accountability and Diversion Class. 

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Good luck.